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Pro Tips for PCB Layout: Mastering the Art of Board Design

1. Keep traces straight, Try to avoid 90-degree turns use two 45 degrees.

2. Double, even triple-check the layout, Having a fresh pair of eyes look it over,

3. Trace thickness & spacing.

The important characteristics to consider when selecting a trace

width include:

The current capacity of the trace (how much current will flow through it)

The allowable spacing between traces.

The size and pitch of the pads that the trace will be connecting to

4. Try to keep all connections on one side of the PCB.

5. Take into account the component package.

Most electronic components come in standardized packages. A package type has a well-defined set of physical dimensions that the component has to conform to. For each package, normally the pitch spacing, height, and general shape are defined.

Trace spacing Trace width
Trace spacing Trace width

Placement of Components

  • Place big components first- e.g. microcontroller

  • Place components in separate functional groups

  • Put a ground plane under all components

Cost Estimate

That's all in this tutorial. Visit to learn more about PCB Design

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