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PLC programming for beginners

Updated: Aug 29

What is PLC?

A Programmable Logic Controller, or PLC, is a ruggedized computer used for industrial automation. These controllers can automate a specific process, machine function, or even an entire production line.

PLC programming
PLC programming

How to program PLC's?

PLC management units are programmed with special graphic or text-based programming languages. PLC devices typically don’t have the standard input and show functions, and they additionally don’t have graphic show interfaces, or these square measures simply on a little screen.

Programs typically ought to be written on a computer’s development atmosphere, then transferred to PLC devices.

PLC programming languages

Graphic languages:

  • Ladder Diagram – LD

  • Functional diagram – FBD:

  • Sequential performance Chart – SFC:

Text-based languages

  • Structured Text Programming – ST:

  • Instruction List – IL

Uses of PLC programming

PLC tools are utilized in each space of business automation, transportation, medical devices, machine-controlled homes, amusement parks, and the ventilation of enormous buildings.

So producing technology is simply one amongst several potential areas wherever PLC is used, however, there are tons of alternative fields that use it, like building engineering and supply.

How much do PLC programmers earn?

PLC technologist average earnings consistent with Glassdoor is concerning $86,745 yearly. Their square measure even higher salaries, however, those square measure positions for engineers World Health Organization additionally concentrates on PLC.

How to learn PLC programming?

PLC programming is learned in courses or electively within the variety of courses of instruction online. Within the list of professions introduced in 2021, the profession of automation technician within the engineering science sector is what contains PLC programming skills.

Besides ancient courses of instruction, firms additionally organize PLC courses. For instance, at Siemens, you'll learn totally different segments of PLC programming in blocks, during a few days-long coaching courses.

PLC programming courses

You can learn PLC programming on many online and offline courses. Amongst the resources on the internet, is a new course that covers introductory to in-depth topics.

NationInnovation - Complete Course on PLC Programming for Beginners
  • On-demand video

  • Beginner

  • Price: Check the website for actual pricing

Part-1: Basic PLC Course

1. Introduction of basic terminologies of electricity and computer science

2. Introduction to Industrial Automation

  • History of Industrial Automation

  • Components of Industrial Automation

  • Latest trends in Industrial Automation

3. Introduction of PLC

  • What is PLC?

  • Types of PLC and Leading Companies

  • Block Diagram of PLC

  • Types of I/O in PLC and Examples of it

  • Types of Programming Languages in PLC (with short overview)

4. Basics of Ladder Logic Programming

5. Communication Protocol (Short Introduction)

6. Introduction of Hardware PLC (that we will use for the course)

7. Wiring of PLC

8. Introduction of PLC Programming Software and installation procedure

9. Communication of PLC with PC (Configuration Steps of Software)

10. Basic Programming

  • Start-Stop Logic

  • Logic Gates

  • Latching-Unlatching

  • Rising and Falling Edge

  • Interlock

  • Timer

  • Counter

  • Comparison Operators

  • Arithmetic Operators

  • Move

11. Projects

How do I know whether or not PLC programming is for me?

As a PLC programmer, you may work in an industrial atmosphere, so interest in engineering is vital. If you find production processes, industrial robots, and machines that may communicate with one another fascinating, this can be an honest fit for you.

PLCs are present in several areas—not simply massive production lines, but primarily, something that involves physics and automation. These programmable controllers are found in any theater’s rising, sinking, and revolving stages, and even in fountains that move in synchronization with the music.

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