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Learn Electronic Devices and Circuits in Details

Updated: Nov 10

Electronic Devices
Electronic Devices

In the age of IOT electronics form the ground of development and innovation to reach new heights of scientific maneuver E.D.C plays the role of building block in this long and big journey for the development of cutting-edge technology for the future. This blog is a comprehensive summary of what E.D.C is and provides the groundwork for the more complex topics in the field of electronic devices and circuit

What is electronics?

The branch of engineering in which the flow and control of electrons in a vacuum or semiconductor are studied is called electronics. Electronics can also be defined as the branch of engineering in which electronic devices and their utilization are studied. The motion of electrons through a conductor gives us electric current. This electric current can be produced with the help of batteries and generators. The device which controls the flow of electrons is called an electronic device. These devices are the main building blocks of electronic circuits. Electronics have various branches, digital electronics, analog electronics, microelectronics, nano electronics, optoelectronics, integrated circuits, and semiconductor devices.

What electronic device and circuit?

An electronic device is a physical unit or component that uses electrical or electronic signals to perform a specific function. These devices can range from simple components like resistors and capacitors to complex systems like computers and smartphones. Electronic devices are a fundamental part of modern technology and are used in various applications, including communication, entertainment, control systems, and more.

Electronic circuits, on the other hand, are the interconnected pathways and components that allow electronic devices to function. These circuits are designed to manipulate electrical signals to perform specific tasks or functions. Electronic circuits can be analog or digital, and they are composed of various components such as transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits. The arrangement and configuration of these components within a circuit determine how the electronic device operates.

In essence, electronic devices and circuits are the building blocks of modern electronics, enabling a wide range of technologies and applications in our daily lives.

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