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All you need to know about "Internet of Things" :

The Internet of Things is the collection of billions of network-enabled devices connected with Unique Identifiers. With IoT, data transfer happens over a network without human-human or human-computer interaction. In the IoT, a thing may be an animal with a bio-chip transponder or an automobile with sensors.

How IoT works:

IoT consists of intelligent devices that use embedded systems technology like sensors and processors to perform operations on the data, like sending, receiving, and taking suitable action. The devices share the data by connecting through an IoT gateway or any other edge device, where the data analysis happens locally or is sent to the cloud. The devices connected through the IoT also communicate with other related devices and act upon the data they receive from one another. The machines perform all the work with little or no human intervention. But human intervention may be required to communicate with the devices like giving them instructions.

The connectivity of these devices depends on the deployed specific IoT applications. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can also be incorporated into IoT to make the data collection process easy, dynamic, and more efficient.

Benefits of IoT in everyday life:

  • It enables us to live a smarter life enhancing our comforts and easing everyday tasks making all the tasks less complicated.

  • For businesses, it provides a simulation of how their systems work and delivers insights into the performance of machines.

  • Reduces labor costs by automating the processes thereby enhancing the quality and speedy completion of work.

  • Offers transparency into transactions of the customer.

  • Saves time and money by enhancing employee productivity.

Applications of IoT in real life :

IoT is applied in many real-world applications ranging from consumer applications to manufacturing and industrial applications.

In consumer applications, smart appliances for smart homes are the trend now and are on a boom in the consumer utilities sector. Many wearable devices like smartwatches can analyze the data and also gives the temperature of the body based on the heat of the body.

In the healthcare sector, IoT devices are used to monitor patients' health data more closely. Many pharmacies also use IoT for inventory management.

In agriculture, IoT-enabled smart farming systems can be used to monitor the temperature and know the soil quality and suitable crops for that particular soil. Irrigation systems can also be automated with IoT.

For an urban habitat like smart cities, smart meters and smart street lights can be used to conserve energy and improve sanitation.

Careers in IoT:

IoT is one of the most interesting and hottest career options for many engineering graduates, Are you one among the people dreaming of a big career in IoT?? Here are the options:

  1. Data Analytics - If you like to play with data and numbers then this is the right opportunity for you. This role requires a statistical understanding of data and the ability to correlate the findings. Working knowledge of statistics-based languages is also essential.

  2. Network and Networking Structure - Network professionals specialize in network setups and ensure that all the connections are in perfect condition. If you are dreaming of a career in networking structure, you must have the ability to design a network architecture that follows all the communication protocols.

  3. Hardware and Devices - This field is one of the core jobs in the IoT sector. Professionals must have knowledge of working with different sensors and transmitters. The professionals must have knowledge of every new device and technology.

  4. Sensors and Actuator Professional - This job involves working on setting up the right kind of sensors and meeting the power specifications of your system. You must stay updated with the latest technologies in the sensors.

The career opportunities in IoT are rapidly expanding. There are many fields to choose from that give you a huge potential to jumpstart your career with no looking back. Nation Innovation is one such platform to learn top trending industry courses along with certification. The platform provides live - instructor-led classes, hands-on project experience, on-demand recorded sessions, and doubt sessions.

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