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Developing a robot that follows a line and avoids obstacles is the goal of the project "A Line Follower using Arduino with Obstacle Avoidance." The robot has sensors that can identify lines and obstructions, and an Arduino microcontroller that analyses the information and directs the robot's movement.

A line sensor, which recognises the contrast between the line and the backdrop, is used to implement the robot's line-following component. Ultrasonic sensors are used to identify obstacles in the robot's route and send signals to the Arduino so that the robot can modify its trajectory to avoid the obstruction.

This project offers the chance to work directly with sensors, microcontrollers, and data processing, which is helpful for applications like robotics competitions and autonomous navigatie .

Overall, the Line Follower with Arduino and Obstacle Avoidance project shows the versatility of robotics and automation in a variety of applications. It is adaptable and customizable to meet a variety of purposes, making it a flexible and engaging project for students and amateurs.


Line Follower using Arduino with Obstacle Avoiding

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