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Freedom is in our minds and faith in our hearts. Pride is in our soul and love for the Nation in our blood. Let's make it a cheerful day !!

Happy Independence Day.

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    Researchers have achieved a groundbreaking feat by unleashing a new era of color-tunable nano-devices, introducing the smallest ever light source with switchable colors. This cutting-edge technology allows for unprecedented control over light emission, enabling the manipulation of colors at the nanoscale level. The nano-devices harness innovative materials and quantum phenomena, paving the way for a myriad of applications in optoelectronics, data storage, and display technologies. With its ability to switch colors on demand, this breakthrough promises to revolutionize the fields of imaging and sensing, opening up a world of possibilities in the design of next-generation displays and ultra-compact light sources for various industries.

    Reference:“Electric-field-induced colour switching in colloidal quantum dot molecules at room temperature” by Yonatan Ossia, Adar Levi, Yossef E. Panfil, Somnath Koley, Einav Scharf, Nadav Chefetz, Sergei Remennik, Atzmon Vakahi and Uri Banin, 3 August 2023, Nature Materials.

    #Nanotechnology #ColorTunableNanoDevices #LightSource #SwitchableColors #CuttingEdgeTechnology #QuantumPhenomena #Optoelectronics #DataStorage #DisplayTechnologies #Imaging…

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      Nation Innovation aims with the vision of achieving technica...

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