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The Density Based Traffic Light Control using Arduino is a project that involves building a system to control the traffic lights at an intersection based on the density of vehicles on the roads.   A microprocessor called an Arduino is used by the system to regulate the timing of the traffic lights and sensors are used to measure the number of vehicles on each road.

According to the amount of traffic on each road, the system adjusts the timing of the traffic lights in real-time. The system will allot more time for a road with a high vehicle density to clear the traffic, while the other roads will have a shorter green light time.

This project helps to improve traffic flow at crowded intersections and decrease congestion. It may be tailored to match a variety of applications in the transportation industry and offers the chance to obtain practical expertise with sensors, microcontrollers, and data processing.

Overall, the Density Based Traffic Light Control utilising Arduino is an efficient and practical approach for streamlining traffic and easing congestion at crossings It demonstrates the potential of technology in providing smart solutions for transportation infrastructure and making our cities more efficient and sustainable.

Density based Traffic Light Control System using Arduino

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