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Master your Skills in Node.js with Angular

Starting - 14th May




6 Weeks

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This course includes:

● Live instructor led classes

● Doubt sessions

● Project hands – on

● Certification on course completion

● Recorded sessions on demand

● Flexible classes availability

What you'll learn

● Understand the working of Angular and its interaction with the Node.js backend.

● Gain a practical understanding of building Angular and Node.js applications.

● Gain an insight into the RxJs concept.

● Enhance the user experience by updating the frontend of the application with Angular and Node.js.

Your Instructor

Ms. Shwetha Dinesh

Technical Trainer | Expertise in Javascript, Angular and Node.js



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Who this course is for

Are you looking to become an expert in Node.js with Angular? Look no further than our training program! Our comprehensive program is designed to help you master the skills necessary to build powerful, scalable applications using these technologies. With hands-on experience and expert guidance from our experienced instructors, you'll learn how to build real-world applications from the ground up. Don't miss this opportunity to take your career to the next level. Enroll in our Node.js with Angular training program today!


Laptop, internet connection and a willing to learn attitude.

Course content

Section 1: Introduction

  • Introduction on Angular

  • Angular Version

  • Development Environment

  • Components in Angular with a Demo Project

Section 2: Typescript

  • Type in Typescript

  • Conditionals in Typescript

  • Looping through an Array

  • Function and Parameter

  • Interface

  • Constructor and Interface

Section 3: CLI

  • CLI Commands

  • Components

  • Style and Template

  • Modules

  • Events

Section 4: Binding

  • Property Binding

  • Event Binding

  • Two Way Binding

  • Ng If else

  • Ng- Switch case

  • Ng-For

  • Style Binding

Section 5: Building a Counter

  • Assignment 1

Section 6: Basics

  • Main ts File

  • Creating Module

  • Inject Decorator in Module

  • Inject Decorator in Component

  • Pollyfill and Unning App

  • File Separation and Second Comp

Section 7: Word Generator

  • Assignment 2

Section 8: Tic Tac Toe

  • Prototype and Doc

  • Passing Data from Parent to Child

  • Custom Css

  • Winning Logic and Configuration

  • Input Decorator

  • Switch Case

  • Reset Logic

  • Custom Messages

  • Reset the Game

  • Ng For Loop

  • Assignment 3: Basic Calculator

Section 9: RxJs Concept - Introduction

Section 10: Making a Todo Form Page

  • Form and Services

  • Pipe in Angular

  • 2-Way Binding

Section 11: Reactive Form

  • Sign Up Form and Validations

  • Connect with Validator

  • Render Messages to Users

Section 12: Routing

Section 13: Node.js

  • Introduction

  • Internal of Node.js

  • Why Node.js

  • Node.js Architecture

  • Npm

  • Node.js Global

  • Functions

  • Module and Require

  • Module Export Pattern

  • First Server in Node

  • Serving File based on URL

  • Event Emitter

  • Building a Rest API

Why To Join With Us ?

Live Instructor LED Classes

In real-time, an expert teacher guides students through the process of building a knowledge in live instructor-led courses, which offer a supervised learning environment. These courses provide chances for active learning, tailored feedback, and group projects. For those who are new to website creation and development as well as those who want to advance their knowledge, they are perfect.

Weekend classes offer a flexible learning experience for individuals with busy schedules during the week. These classes usually take place on Saturdays and Sundays and provide a structured curriculum with live instruction, hands-on practice, and feedback from expert teachers. They are ideal for beginners and those looking to improve their skills in website design and development

Weekend Classes
Doubt Sessions

Doubt-solving sessions are focused learning experiences that provide learners with personalized support to address their specific questions and challenges. These sessions are typically led by an expert in the field and provide an opportunity for learners to receive guidance and feedback on their work, troubleshoot errors, and gain clarity on difficult concepts. They are an effective way to accelerate learning and build confidence in website development skills.

Certificate on course completion is a formal recognition of a learner's achievement in completing a structured course of study. This certificate is typically issued by the course provider or institution and serves as evidence of the learner's knowledge and skills in website development. It can be used to demonstrate proficiency to potential employers or clients and can be a valuable addition to a learner's resume or portfolio

Certificate on Course Completion
On Demand Sessions

On-demand sessions are learning opportunities that can be accessed from any location at any moment. These sessions give students the freedom to learn on their own timetable and at their own speed, giving them the flexibility to fit learning into their busy schedules. For the purpose of reinforcing learning, on-demand sessions frequently provide a structured curriculum, applicable examples, and interactive activities. They are a productive method to increase one's understanding and proficiency of website development.

The project hands-on  is a hands-on learning opportunity where individuals use their knowledge and abilities to finish a genuine project. By working on a concrete deliverable, such as building a website or web application, this practical method enables students to gain experience in website development. Project-based learning promotes collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking while also assisting students in gaining practical knowledge and self-assurance in website creation.

Project Handson

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Our Guarantee

Get this amazing offer today , and get a money – back guarantee. Join today, attend our training and if you don’t like it for any reason, simply send us an email and we’ll refund every penny – no questions asked!

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