Our Quality Policy :

  1. We provide quality training and internships to undergrads and postgrads with focus on practical training and handson. We are open to online / offline training modes with our college partners.
  2. We deal in the area of core electronics, core VLSI, IoT, Embedded systems, Machine Learning and Data science.
  3. We believe in teamwork and learning by sharing. We have a team of well experienced and trained experts from industry and academia.
  4. We provide product solutions in the domain of IoT, Agriculture, Robotics, Home automation and embedded systems. We provide full project support for our clients from beginning till end.

What students says about us?

Attended Training and Internship Programme on Python 3

I have enrolled to two months of course on advanced python, It was very good learning from Nation Innovation. - Priyanka Patil

Attended Two months Training and Internship Program in Advance Python.

This Complete Python Course is very useful for me to understand the basics clearly and improving the practical skills in coding the program. Our Staff Tania Mam, her guidance is very friendly and the way of her teaching is very clear and informative. - Yaswanth Prabhu T

Attended two months Training and Internship Programme in Advance Python.

It was very helpful in the basics of coding. Individual care was taken. - Shashank S. H.

PCB Desigining Course

The most valuable from the course material for me was getting the background information on how Easyeda and its set up. I have worked in it for a couple of months off and on. After this training, I can easily know where to do what I need to get done, from schematic capture to footprints to Outjobs. - Rishabh Keshavanand Joshi


The course was excellent and the way the mentor Teaches from scratch is the best part of the course. - Kapa Sai Nitish Reddy

PCB Design

It was a good experience learning PCB design. Learnt lot from this course. Thank you - Aishwarya Kulkarni


A great opportunity to learn about PCB design and the faculty was friendly and provides good solutions when required while designing - G S VK SAI KUMAR

PCB Designing

After attending the session I am confident to design any PCB layout from any given schematic. - Bhavya Mangal

Our Clients & Partners

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