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Arduino Remote Controlled Mouse and Keyboard

Arduino Remote Controlled Mouse and Keyboard

This project is about how you can control your PC's keyboard and mouse using an IR Remote and Arduino. Here is the list of components used IR based Remote (This could be a remote of a TV, DVD Player, AC, etc) , TSOP sensor, One 100 ohms resistor, Breadboard, Connecting wires, Arduino. And we need to use these software  Visual Basic 2010 Express or Visual Studio, Arduino IDE. Let us now see the connection.

We'll make use of  IR remote library for Arduino it will help in easy decoding of IR remote signals. In Remote_Mouse.pde, if we use Samsung remote then you'll find that samsung_hash[] it contains the hash code values of buttons of the samsung remote. These hex values for buttons are different for every remote. So you'll need to use processKeys() inside loop() initially to obtain the hex values of buttons for your remote. After you obtain them, and update the code with your remote's hash code values, processMouse() can be used.After you're done, to run the PC application, open MouseSimulator1.sln. we used the  MouseKeyBoard library to emulate keyboard and mouse from the vb application. Now press F5 to run the program. Select your Arduino's com port and click on Start Remote Mouse.



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