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 is a smartphone controlled robot that cleans your house's floor! The rotating mops on the front of the robot along with a foam roller (used to paint walls, not here) at the back can do the job perfectly. There's also a water pump and water reservoir which can be switched on when required to throw water on the floor and make the mops moist for a proper clean. The foam roller is movable, which means you can lift it when not in use. I've also added speed controls for the driver motors.

The project uses bluetooth communication via an HC-05 bluetooth module to send the commands to the most commonly used microcontroller- Arduino UNO. The robot is powered on a 12V lead acid battery, the ideal voltage for all motors used here.. The driver motor pair are 100rpm ones while for the mops I've used 75rpm plastic ones.

The best part is that the mops used were homemade, from old CDs and rag and they clean just perfectly. This is a smaller version so might not b suitable for a large area. There can be tons of other features added, like making it completely autonomous, which I couldn't due to shortage of time.

Surface Cleaner Robot

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