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A project that employs an Arduino microcontroller to create an attendance system that makes use of RFID technology is called an RFID based attendance system. The method makes use of RFID tags, which are little electronic gadgets that can be fastened to an individual's ID card or other form of identification.

When people enter or exit, the project entails setting up an RFID reader that is attached to an Arduino microcontroller and scanning their RFID tags. The Arduino microcontroller receives data from the RFID reader and processes it before storing it in a database.

To ensure precise attendance tracking, the system can potentially be connected with other technologies like biometric identification or facial recognition. Database management, programming, and electronics skills are needed for the project.

For organizations such as educational institutions, universities, and companies that must maintain track of attendance, this project is a useful answer. It is also an excellent way to learn about RFID technology and Arduino programming. The project can be modified to fit other applications and expanded to incorporate features like automatically notifying parents or managers of a student's attendance status.

RFID Based Attendance System

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