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A Bluetooth-based harvesting robot using Arduino project is a project that involves building a robot that can harvest crops with the help of a mobile application. The robot is powered by an Arduino microcontroller, which communicates with the mobile application using Bluetooth technology.

The robot has sensors that can recognize ripe crops and a gripper for grasping objects. When a crop is ready, the robot lifts it out and arranges it in a container. The robot receives instructions from the smartphone application on where to go and what crops to pick.

The smartphone application can be used to control the robot, which is configured to use sensors to move through the crops. The Bluetooth technology utilised in this project enables for a wireless connection between the robot and the mobile application.

This project is a perfect way to gain information about robotics and it can be transformed to serve different purposes. It is also a practical project for farmers who want to automate their harvesting process and increase efficiency.

Bluetooth based Harvesting Robot using Arduino

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