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PCB Design: For Beginners

Updated: Nov 3

In this series of tutorials, you are going to learn PCB Design how to design your own Arduino board, and much more. We assure you after going through all the lessons of PCB Design you will be comfortable with the PCB Design Flow and you will be able to design the PCB for DIY projects. So, let's get started without wasting the time.

Lesson -1: Introduction to PCB Design.

Lesson -2: Introduction to Types of PCB.

Lesson -3: Through Holes v/s Surface Mount.

Lesson -4: Key Terms of PCB Design.

Lesson -5: Tips for the PCB Design.

Lesson -6: PCB Design of 555 Timer Circuit.

Lesson -7: PCB Design of Multi-Power Supply.

Lesson -8: Designing Schematic of Arduino Development Board ATMEGA328P.

Interview Questions: PCB Design

Become a PCB design maestro with Nation Innovation – Your Path to Electronics Excellence!

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