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Lesson-4: Key terms for PCB design

Updated: Nov 3

  • Pads are where the components are soldered to the PCB.

  • Traces are the copper tracks that connect pads together. PCB trace width is an important design parameter in PCB Design. And it’s necessary for you to have an adequate trace width So that make sure it can transfer the desired amount of current Without overheating and damaging your board. You can calculate An estimate of the minimum trace width for a given current and Copper weight with PCBGOGO online tool. And a higher current Needs the thicker traces while a thicker copper weight allows For thinner traces.

Pads and Traces
Pads and Traces
  • Via are small holes through the board that link a bottom and top trace together electrically. Traces on the same layer cannot cross, so often, when you are laying out a PCB, you need to a signal to jump from one layer to another.

  • Silk-screen refers to any lettering that will appear on the final board.

  • Solder-mask is a layer of insulating lacquer that covers both sides of the board except where there are pads.

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