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Unlock the Power of Innovation with Python Programming! Dive into web dev, AI, automation, and more. Hands-on projects tackle national challenges, equipping you to shape the future. For more details :

Programme Highlights:

🔹 Live Instructor classes

🔹 Doubt sessions with 1:1 Mentorship

🔹 Hands-on project

🔹 Certification

🔹 Recorded Sessions

🔹 Evening classes

Course content

Section 1: Introduction to Python Section 2: Errors in Python Section 3: Variables Section 4: Strings

Section 5: Booleans and Conditionals Section 6: Operators Section 7: Loops Section 8: Python Structures Section 9: The Power of Lists Section 10: Dictionary Section 11: Tuples


Project 1: Number Guessing Game using Python

Project 2: URL Shortener using Python

Project 3: Speech Recognition-based Project

Project 4: Salary Prediction using Linear Regression

Project 5: Heart Disease Prediction using Logistic Regression

Project 6: House Prediction using Machine Learning

Starting From: 15 May, 2024

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